Big Sur

For me, the journey is already most of the fun and the destination is just the cherry on top. But when you finally find your camp spot for the weekend and you’re looking out at miles and miles of Pacific blue, it’s hard to capture into words the feelings of excitement that adventure rewards to you after hours of dusty exploration on the trail. We drove for nearly 5 hours on dirt trails that were carved out of the mountains, venturing far in search of the perfect place to call home for the weekend.

Commit to exploring and the Earth will truly reward you. Here are the views from our campsite in Big Sur last weekend. Pacific blue ocean completely surrounding us in all directions, stretching as far as the eye can see:


You can see the fog starting to roll in as the sun begins to make its way down.

Twilight hour views from our campsite. Hard to beat these kinds of views.


it’s never too late to start anything

I know I’m super late on recapping my favorite memories of 2016 but I didn’t want to let that stop me from posting anything at all. I love writing and looking back on these posts, because often times I find myself so wrapped up in the obligations of my current life that I completely forget about all the neat experiences I’ve had. This is an awesome practice in gratitude and self-reflection, which I’m definitely trying to do more of this year.

I had a handful of random videos I shot on my iPhone throughout the last year so I decided to put together a quick montage to capture the mood of my 2016 as a fun little creative project.

It was a crazy busy and stressful year for me, but my inner adventurer could not be quelled. This video is a pretty accurate depiction of my life and the things that get me super excited about living. I spend many weekends with my neck craned out of the passenger window during long road trips throughout the west coast, enjoying dusk views and escaping to the mountains for our next adventure.

Tahoe became our second home for the winter where we snowboarded for a total of 23 days and down a cumulative 300,000 vertical feet for the season. The Sierras are only a three-hour drive from the Bay Area where we live, but I’d give anything to pick up and move there. It’s amazing how you can be transported to a completely different world and environment if you just drive a few hours. Being surrounded by mountains, snow and crystal blue water…there are only a few things in life that rival that kind of beauty.


Frequent views during our winter; up and at ’em before dawn and on the lifts bright and early!



Seeing Lake Tahoe in the winter is a special treat, even if you don’t ski it’s worth getting up there to enjoy the snowy views. The water is icy cold but it’s the most serene view, especially when it’s so still and glass-like.

IMG_8151 (1).jpg

We spent a lot of time on the road this year and I loved every second of it. Most of 2016 consisted of me riding shotgun exploring parts of California we didn’t know existed, or up on a snowy slope somewhere.


In April, we finally made it to Joshua Tree for the first time and discovered how much we loved being in the desert. We’d return again a few months later, only to be met with +110° weather that I was not entirely prepared for.




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New Things

Like, my blog!

For the last few months I’ve been pondering the thought of starting a blog to keep track of my weekend eats, recent hobbies and occasional travels.  I was initially reluctant because, like many things in my life, I’m zealous when first starting but after a few weeks in I end up falling off the wagon.  Shrugs. I’m human!

Well, despite that, here we are.  My weeks were just flying by and now we’re in October and just two and a half months shy of 2014.  Lately, I’ve been feeling uneasy about the months just disappearing since I’ve started working full time (for a year and a half now! I’m proud. SEE ALSO: surprised).  I think documenting my life (boring or not), thoughts and inspirations will be a good way for me to strike a better balance between work and everything else.

Here’s to life and celebrating your own!  This particular image is a recent one I just took during my weekend in Big Sur.  Sierra Mar at the beautiful Post Ranch Inn is one of the most unique restaurants I’ve ever been to, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that every table has a view that makes you forget you’re even there to eat. Can’t wait to go back.

The setting sun from our dinner table.
The setting sun above the Pacific Ocean – from our dinner table.