The Comfort Of Relatedness

We’ve all been there. Google can be your best and worst friend (in life and work- hay young internet marketing professionals, I’m looking at you), especially when it comes to googling weird bodily symptoms that you wouldn’t otherwise be comfortable sharing with any of your friends (but here I am broadcasting it to the world, ironically). Unless you’re lucky enough to have a cousin like mine with whom I share everything (yeah I feel bad for her too).

Still, I like to Google everything (I like to be thorough!), but often times, that ends up conjuring the hypochondriac in me, which admittedly, is dangerous. Like googling “weird rash under armpit” and then clicking on ‘Images’ dangerous. Don’t do it.

Despite the horror I’ve encountered many times when turning to Google for medical advice (rather than say…oh a real doctor?) I can’t help but come back to Google each and every time.  It’s funny though, because although most times my Google searches will end in a permanent fixed gaze of terror, they usually will begin with anxious anticipation followed by a brief sense of relief when I’m greeted by the auto suggest of the query I intended on searching.  Thanks everyone for experiencing the same things I have and subsequently googling it.  You have provided me with a few (albeit shameful) seconds of comfort…then onto the pictures.  [All hope is lost now.]

BTW, my all-natural deodorant Lavanila which I have loved up until 2 weeks ago, has inexplicably turned on my body. Just in case you were wondering about the aforementioned.  I swear I don’t have cooties. I’m just highly allergic to everything.