twentynine palms

We recently returned from a trip to the desert, where the vast landscape was littered with abandoned homes just like the one pictured here. Though it was a bit scary being out in the boonies with virtually no neighbors around us, it was a unique experience to be amongst so many relics of a past era.


These homes were so eerie and intriguing, set against the stark backdrop of the desert. Some of them were just mere shells from another life. So much mystery radiated from these homes, filling me with wonder about why these homes were here in the first place, who once inhabited them and why they were forgotten. After some research, I found a list of the homesteaders that declared residence in Twentynine Palms in the 30’s and tried to figure out who once lived in the homesteader (now Airbnb rental) home we had for the weekend. I couldn’t figure it out but I thought the historical research project was super neat and I’m glad I stumbled upon it.



Our little desert homesteader hideaway in Twentynine Palms.



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